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'The Lorimer Archive at Kellie Castle' - a lecture by Ian Riches

Recording 2 (of 2) from the Lorimer Society Annual Lectures 2020, via Zoom on 24 October 2020.

Ian's talk focuses on the Hew Lorimer archives at Kellie Castle, the establishment of the archive room, the contents of the archives, and Hew's involvement with the National Trust for Scotland.

Ian Riches has been the Archivist for the NTS since 2002 after spending the two previous summers guiding at two 'Lorimer' properties - Kellie and Tarvit. His main responsibilities are to look after the Trust's corporate archive as well as the collections of historic papers and manuscripts at a number of Trust properties, including Kellie. He graduated from St Andrews Uni in 2002 with an MA Joint Hons degree in Ancient History and Art History and then subsequently gained a postgraduate in Archives Administration from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.



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