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Tribute to the Very Reverend Vincent Logan, Emeritus Bishop of Dunkeld

Very Reverend Vincent Logan Bishop of Dunkeld (1941-2021)

The Lorimer Society owes its very existence to the vision of the late Very Reverend Vincent Logan, Bishop of Dunkeld, its first chairperson, and to his appreciation of Hew Lorimer’s sculpture, many examples of which can be seen in Dundee, where Vincent lived. It was after a visit to Kellie with the sculptor Janet Wedderburn that he enquired if the family had any plans for commemorating their father’s achievements. On hearing that the answer at the time was negative he suggested a joint venture with them and the NTS to set up a Trust which would promote all that Hew stood for. He wanted to ensure that a stone carver whom he regarded to have made a considerable contribution to the artistic heritage of Scotland did not disappear into oblivion. The establishment of the Hew Lorimer Trust with its permanent exhibition of some of his works and his studio ‘as though he had just popped out of it’, its annual lecture and other events all owe their existence to Vincent’s determined energy in those early years. We have a lot to thank him for.



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